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As recently, MERS, Ebola virus, New flue virus, Food poisoning, general germs, etc has spread throughout the world, the worldwide interest in the sterilization is rising.

To resolve this, we have developed THE PLASMA MONEY STERILIZER sterilizing and disinfecting money (bills, coins) transmitting germs or bacteria in human life. It can be used for banks, post offices, large shopping malls, markets or all cash transaction places which lots of money are spent.

Especially, our THE PLASMA MONEY STERILIZERis the World’s First Opened Bill Sterilizer which removes Find Dust(PM 2.5) and kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds with sterilizer opened using our own developed Plasma ion cluster for the disinfection & sterilization in the air, emerging from UV style or sanitizer style which was used for the existing sterilizer .

In addition, we established the foothold taking off as a leader in next generation sterilizer with many designs and patent applications and we will continue to commit ourselves to the hygienic life in the worldwide lives.